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Residential EMF Surveys for properties

Residential EMF Surveys for properties

Are you worried about EMF’s from nearby Pylons? Substations? Railway lines? Mobile Phone masts? Particularly if you are about to buy a new house or have children?

Scholes EMF Ltd also actively undertake Residential & Property EMF Surveys for the public.

We use the same state-of-the-art EMF measuring equipment as used for the above industrial applications to accurately see what the EMF levels are both inside & outside your property. OK… these instruments may be overkill for these types of residential EMF Surveys, but at least it guarantees you get absolute accuracy & repeatability in the EMF measurements taken. We then compare them against both:

  1. the legal & recognised “safe” EMF public limits / thresholds (ICNIRP 1998 & 2010 Guidelines)
  2. the suggested childhood leukaemia threshold level 

…to show you exactly what’s what for your own peace-of-mind.

A full 18+ page easy-to-understand EMF Survey Report will then be emailed to you as proof.

Furthermore, as part of our Customer Service, we actively encourage you the Client to be there with us during the Survey. That way you can then see the EMF measurements for yourself and crucially have a discussion & chat with us about EMFs – we totally understand EMFs can be very confusing, scary and an absolute can-of-worms to the uninitiated, so we guarantee to tell you The Facts in an easy-to-understand manner, cut-through the minefield of information regarding EMFs you may read on the internet….and hopefully give you total peace-of-mind.

If you can’t be there with us during the Survey don’t worry – we’ll call you immediately after the Survey to give you the news & discuss everything, with the full Report to follow within 24 hours.