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About Scholes EMF

Scholes EMF Ltd have over 5-years’ experience of solely undertaking Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Assessments, Surveys & Measurements for all sectors. In particular for Companies wishing to comply with the HSE CEMFAW Regs 2016 and /or for any Personal EMF Risk Assessments of any “At-Risk” Employees and for Residential EMF Surveys.

That’s all we do….. just EMFs & nothing else…… every day!

One of our proudest aspects is we guarantee to keep EMFs easy-to-understand, simplify the confusing HSE CEMFAW Regs, cut-through the complex technicalities… and make sure Compliance is straightforward for you. We know EMFs aren’t easy & appreciate how crucial it is that you understand them!

What sets us apart

Our Experience

EMFs since 2016

Our specialism

We solely specialise in EMFs and nothing else, unlike many other “general” Health & Safety Consultancies offering EMFs, noise, dust, HAVs etc

Free initial site scoping survey

Where required, to fully understand what needs EMF measurements in-order to ensure you get a totally honest & accurate quotation

A complete offering

We are unique in that as part of your EMF Assessment we supply & affix the correct EMF warning stickers onto equipment which require it. It saves you having to source / buy them, and avoids any potential confusion. Very popular with Clients!

Our value-for-money

Our prices are extremely competitive, and crucially we don’t over-charge for unnecessary EMF measurements where they’re not required. What you get is the work that’s actually needed

Our customer service

EMFs are a complex topic - we strive to make EMFs as easy-to-understand as possible and our very proud of our customer feedback in relation to this

Where we cover

Based near Preston in Lancashire we cover the whole of the UK & Ireland. We come to you, wherever you are. This even includes oil rigs in the North Sea as done in 2019!

What we cover

We cover all industries & workplaces, all electrical equipment therein, and both “At-Risk” & non-At-Risk Employees. In addition, residential / private EMF Surveys for concerned home owners are also a growing field for our services.

With our experience & the latest state-of-the-art EMF measuring instrumentation we ensure the absolute safety of your Employees regarding EMF exposure and compliance with the CEMFAW Regs & other Regulatory bodies.

At Scholes EMF Ltd we strongly believe the customer is key and pride ourselves on providing an exemplary service.


Absolutely. This is our main aim – to ensure your full Compliance with the HSE CEMFAW Regs 2016 using the latest & fully compliant high-end EMF meters where required. And, unlike many other general H&S Consultancies, we specialise solely in EMF Assessments and have been since 2016: EMFs are all we do – nothing else…! You can count on our experience, honesty & professionalism.

Fear not! We totally appreciate EMFs & the Regs can be an absolute minefield for the uninitiated, so we take great pride in ensuring our EMF Reports (as well as our EMF discussions) are straightforward & easy-to-understand. Our aim is to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to EMFs. For example, this includes us supplying & affixing the correct EMF warning stickers onto equipment / areas where required as part of your site EMF Survey – it saves you having to source / buy them and avoids any potential confusion etc

It all depends on what types of electrical equipment you have and how much, but rest-assured –  we do not over-charge by making unnecessary measurements where they’re not needed. Indeed, some applications don’t need EMF measurements. This is where our free EMF site scoping survey / visit can come in useful –  see below

Under the HSE CEMFAW Regs 2016, any Employee deemed “At-Risk” to EMFs ie) those wearing medical implants or expectant mothers, must have a specific Personal EMF Risk Assessment carried-out to ensure their EMF safety in their work environment. Scholes EMF Ltd specialise in such Personal EMF RA’s, crucially using the correct EMF meters where any “At-Risk” EMF measurements of equipment are required. This also includes a full Personal EMF Risk Assessment matrix in the EMF Report, affixing any EMF “At-Risk” warning stickers where needed etc – again, to make your life as simple as possible and to ensure all angles are covered.

Absolutely. We offer a free on-site EMF scoping survey visit where necessary – it’s a great way to determine exactly what EMF measurements are needed, how long an EMF Assessment will take etc to ensure you get a totally accurate and honest quotation. However, if you’re a low-risk site / workplace then a straightforward phone conversation will often suffice to elucidate an EMF Assessment quotation.

Absolutely. We use the same high-end EMF meters for such Residential EMF Surveys as we do for industrial EMF Assessments, so you get absolute accuracy and repeatability in the EMF measurements taken. A comprehensive EMF Survey Report is also included of course. And crucially, we totally understand researching “EMFs” on the internet can open up a whole (very scary & very confusing) can-of-worms, so we tell you The Facts in an easy-to-understand & straightforward manner.


What our customers say

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Richard put my mind at rest regarding a property I was purchasing very close to a Substation. He was excellent in all communications and very prompt even though he traveled a great distance. I would definitely recommend him to test any EMF situations.
Becky Pryor
Becky Pryor
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I contacted Scholes EMF Ltd for information regarding purchasing a property within close proximity to a substation. I found Richard to be extremely helpful and informative, responding promptly to emails and answering all of my questions. Thank you Richard – Great Service.
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith
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Great work - done to a very tight deadline.

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