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Mobile phone masts & RF EMF Surveys

Mobile phone masts & RF EMF Surveys

Scholes EMF Ltd have much experience and (crucially!) the correct & fully compliant EMF Meters to conduct RF EMF measurements & surveys, and in-line with all the appropriate EMF Regs / EMF Guidelines.

So why are Radio-frequency EMF Surveys so very different from industrial-type EMF Surveys?:

  • EMFs from radio-frequency sources (high frequency / mega-Hertz) have different effects on the body than EMFs emitted from lower frequency (50Hz) mains-powered electrical equipment such as from substations, Inverters, Welding, motors, pumps etc
  • This is primarily due to the Electric fields (the “E” bit in “EMF”) becoming the pre-dominant EMF source where RFs are concerned, as opposed to the magnetic fields (the “M” bit in “EMF”) which pre-dominate from mains-powered electrical equipment as these operate at much lower frequency ie)) 50Hz & associated harmonics
  • It is therefore the Electric Fields which are typically measured when doing RF Surveys to prove Compliance, as opposed to Magnetic Fields as in industrial Surveys
  • RF EMFs cause thermal effects on humans ie:
  • at higher RF frequencies eg) mobile phone masts transmissions, the skin / body reflects the EMFs which leads to heating-up of the skin & external body
  • at lower RF frequencies the body absorbs the EMFs which can easily lead to heating-up of the internal organs, muscles, tissue etc.


NOTE: the above effects are a gradual change over the increasing frequency eg) reflection of RF EMFs by the skin doesn’t suddenly start at exactly 800MHz – it’s a gradual change & overlap from “body absorption” to “body refection”. So at the mid-RF frequencies the body both absorbs and reflects RF EMFs, as illustrated above

Because such Thermal effects are more dangerous, the corresponding RF EMF Action Levels / “safe” exposure thresholds are therefore set lower than for EMFs from mains-powered equipment. 

Does that mean you need to use different types of EMF Meters for taking RF EMF measurements?

Yes, unfortunately it does!

  • As we’re looking at Electric Fields when considering EMF exposures from RF sources, you need an Electric Fields Meter measuring in Volts-per-meter (V/m1 ) and / or Watts-per-meter squared (W/m2 ), depending on what Regulation / Guideline you’re comparing against
  • To make things even more difficult (!) you must ensure that the correct Electric Fields Meter is being used ie) one which covers the specific frequency bands being emitted. For example, there’s no point using a 100KHz – 3 GHz Electric Field Meter for 5G mobile phone mast applications as 5G transmissions start at higher than 3 GHz… so a 3GHz Meter would not measure them

Scholes EMF Ltd ensure only the correct high-end Electric fields Meters are used in your RF EMF Survey, AND that they are fully compliant with the various stipulations in the appropriate RF EMF Regs / Guidelines being compared against.