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CEMFAW Regs EMF Assessments

CEMFAW Regs EMF Assessments

Your workplace is a potential source of EMFs that can cause adverse health effects to your Employees. This is the reason for the existence of the HSE “Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work (CEMFAW) Regs 2016”- implemented & devised to protect all Employees from any potential excessive EMF exposures.

Electromagnetic Fields EMF Assessments:

  • To ensure you are operating a safe EMF working environment and are fully compliant with the CEMFAW Regs,  Scholes EMF Ltd will conduct a thorough EMF Survey & Assessment of your site. In a nutshell, this will include:
  • FREE site scoping survey: an initial assessment / audit of equipment to understand what (if any) equipment or areas are likely to require further assessment / EMF measurements
  • assessing whether or not any of your Employees are deemed “at particular risk” to EMFs ie) those wearing medical implants or expectant mothers. If so, and where necessary, to undertake specific Personal EMF Risk Assessments of these Emoloyees in-line with the CEMFAW Regs 2016 (see separate tab above)
  • where necessary, undertake EMF measurements using the correctEMF meters (crucial!) – these are the latest industry-standard instruments & are fully compliant with the stipulations of the CEMFAW Regs & corresponding ICNIRP Guidelines

NOTE: EMF measurements are not always necessary! We only take EMF measurements where they are needed & required, ensuring you get an honest & cost-effective service

  • compare the measured results against the appropriate Action Levels / Exposure Limit Values / “At-Risk” Guidance Limits along with the relevant EMF calculations to gauge compliance 
  • Supplying & affixing the appropriate and correct EMF warning stickers / signs to any equipment which require it as part of the Assessment
  • take appropriate “safe” distance measurements in cm from any “offending” equipment where present, particularly important for those At-Risk
  • issue a comprehensive &easy-to-understand Report complete with appropriate Actions to ensure your site is compliant with the Regs and your Employees and Contractors / Visitors to site are safe & aware in-terms of EMF exposures

Professional Reports:

We will send / email you a formal EMF Assessment Report after the Assessment to ensure Compliance with the CEMFAW Regs 2016. We have gone to great lengths to ensure these are:

  1. easy-to-understand & readable
  2. professional
  3. everything is covered
  4. will guarantee Compliance & the EMF safety of all Employees & Contractors / Visitors

The Report will thoroughly cover & include:

  • the site-wide EMF assessment & survey (equipment & areas) 
  • any equipment / areas found to exceed the EMF “safe” thresholds for both those “at particular risk” to EMFs and those not At-Risk
  • measurements of “safe” distances away in cm from any of the above identified equipment
  • any At-Risk Employees, including full Personal EMF Risk Assessments / Tables where required
  • At-Risk Contractors & Visitors to site

Of course, the typical Report sections of eg) Summary, Measurement Equipment, Results, Conclusions, Actions & Recommendations etc are included, as well as a comprehensive background to eg) what EMFs are, their effects, the CEMFAW Regs, At-Risk individuals etc.