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Initial EMF Site Scoping Survey FREE-OF-CHARGE

Not everyone knows about EMFs……

Not everyone knows what equipment may emit high EMFs, or the frequencies they operate at……

Not everyone knows how to correctly undertake a Personal EMF Risk Assessment of an At-Risk Employee…..

Therefore, in-order to guarantee you get a totally accurate & honest quote for an EMF Assessment, we offer a free-of-charge EMF site scoping visit where required to understand:

  • what Equipment & Areas, if any, may require EMF measurements in-line with the CEMFAW Regs 
  • if any At-Risk Employees are present to see what equipment & areas require EMF measurements for their Personal EMF Risk Assessment
  • how much on-site time may be required for the above


It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions & discuss your EMF applications with us face-to-face.

Note, not all Companies or sites may need the above – sometimes the relevant information can be elucidated via phone calls or email.

EMF measurements are not always necessary!

We do not over-charge by quoting for unnecessary EMF measurements.

We do not overcharge by quoting for unnecessary work.

To enquire about or book your free EMF scoping survey just give us a call or email us.

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